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"Expertise in Web Services, Distributed Components, Telephony, Java, XML, Dynamic Behaviour and Data Mapping"

For over ten years, Deadman Consulting has been offering excellence and value to our clients in a set of related areas centred around the internet. We were involved when the Internet and Web were born, building some of the early Intranet sites for telecom companies. We were there when Java emerged on the scene, and have been focused on Java from the beginning. We have built teams and understand the importance of communication. Come explore this site, understand our services, or just read some of the published articles we have written.

Cell Phone to Big Iron

Enterprise systems play on many different levels, and so should your architect

Before there was J2EE, Richard Deadman was chief architect for an early "Enterprise Applications" company leveraging Java. For the last seven years Deadman Consulting has been heavily involved in building business solutions using an optimal mix of J2EE and ASP.NET technologies. In fact, Richard was one of the first Sun Certified Java Architects in Canada.

Lately Deadman Consulting has combined some of its telephony expertise with its enterprise systems knowledge in developing J2ME enterprise midlets for the wireless market.

Check out our publications page for published articles on Java.

SOA, Web Services and Distributed Systems

Distributed systems are not new. Having a solid background in the past helps ensure sound and efficient architectures...

Distributed computing has been a long-time passion for Deadman Consulting, reaching back to early work in DCE and CORBA to later work with RMI and SOAP. In fact, Richard was there when the OMG took its first steps into addressing the web. OMG lists an early article by Richard on SOAP, its merits, flaws and politics.

Lately, Richard has been working interconnecting Web Services between ASP.NET and Java environments for government clients.  While Service Oriented Architecture is a new buzzword, creating an effective SOA architecture requires an understanding of the good distributed architecture principles, security and service granularity.


Telephony and computers have never come together in the ways the pundits have predicted. But change is in the air...

In 1993, Richard attended a conference held by Intel on the new computer telephony technology that was going to change the way computers were networked together: TAPI. Well, that was before the internet took off.

None-the-less, computer-telephony has been an important niche, particularily in the call center and IVR areas. Richard played a role in the development of the first Java telephony APIs, has sat on the expert group developing the JAIN SLEE specification and was one of the two founders of the Generic JTAPI open-source project.

With the advent of SIP, computers and voice are finally approaching the "convergence" long speculated in the industry. Suddenly there is an interest in Java and telephony again and the GJTAPI project, with its SIP and Asterisk service providers for the JTAPI and JCC APIs, is gathering new interest.

EDI: Electonic Data Interchange

The web is more than a giant playground, it is also a vital communication link for businesses to streamline their relationships.

Deadman Consulting has extensive experience in XML and web services, older EDI technologies such as VANs and EDIINT AS1/2/3, and XML transformation tools. We can help you implement cost-effective EDI solutions that both leverage the new web service technologies as well as supporting legacy protocols.

Open Source

Businesses demand better bang for their buck. They demand choice of vendors. They don't want to be locked in.

Deadman Labs runs a variety of OSes, from Windows XP Pro to Red Hat 9, FreeBSD, Debian and Ubuntu. We also maintain legacy machines running NT 4.0 and older Red Hat versions. Open source and choice is important to us, which is why we concentrate on technologies, like Apache, Linux, Java, PHP, MySQL, that don't lock our clients into one vendor.

We also give back to the Open Source community, leading the Sourceforge GJTAPI project.

With 15 years of experience building distributed, adaptable systems, we know how to find your problem and work with you to develop the most sensible solution. One that works. The first time.

Our web site is full of articles, ideas, news and information about us. Feel free to drop us a line. Enjoy your visit.

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