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"Expertise in Web Services, Distributed Components, Telephony, Java, XML, Dynamic Behaviour and Data Mapping"

What is a software consulting firm doing contributing to Open Source Software? Giving back to the community.

We all build on the shoulders of what others have contributed, whether it is Kernighan and Ritchie or Tim Berners-Lee. There is a place for proprietary code and rewarding true innovation, but there is also a place for sharing the wealth and building off each other.

There is also the satisfaction of others using your code. And, in some situations, there is more to be gained in giving away core building blocks and then offering your services to help integrate these blocks into client's organizations. For a consulting firm, our real value is in solving client's needs, which is something we do better by offering services rather than selling components. And for complex business needs, the real work is in the integration anyway.


In the flavour of Open Source, Deadman Consulting is one of the key supporters of the "Generic JTAPI and JCC Project". The project reflects Deadman Consulting's commitment to pluggable enterprise systems and is released under the X11 license and hosted on Sourceforge.net.

If you would like to talk to us about adapting GJTAPI to your needs, please drop us a line.

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